100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Example Sentences

Do you want to sound like a native English speaker? If so, learning phrasal verbs is a must! In this blog post, I will go over 100 of the most common phrasal verbs and their meanings. 

We’ll provide example sentences for each one so that you can see how they are used in real-life English conversations. 

Phrasal verbs can be tricky to learn, but once you learn them, you’ll be able to speak English with more style and fluency. So let’s get started!

Here is a list of 100 most common phrasal verbs with example sentences:

1. Get on

Example Sentence: I’m going to get on the bus.

Meaning: To board or enter (a vehicle)

2. Get off

Example Sentence: Please get off the table.

Meaning: To move from a higher to a lower position

3. Get up

Example Sentence: I need to get up early tomorrow.

Meaning: To rise to one’s feet from a lying, sitting, or kneeling position

4. Get in

Example Sentence: Can you get in the car?

Meaning: To enter (a vehicle)

5. Get out

Example Sentence: He got out of the car.

Meaning: To leave (a vehicle, place, or container)

6. Give in

Example Sentence: I don’t know how much longer I can give in.

Meaning: To yield; to submit (to someone or something)

7. Give up

Example Sentence: He gave up after trying for an hour. 

Meaning: To stop making an effort; to abandon

8. Give out

Example Sentence: We’re almost out of food, so we need to give some out.

Meaning: To distribute (something)

9. Grow up

Example Sentence: I’m tired of your childish behaviour. Grow up!

Meaning: To become an adult; to mature

10. Hang out

Example Sentence: I’m going to hang out with my friends tonight.

Meaning: To spend time in a relaxed way, without any specific plans or goals

11. Hang on

Example Sentence: Hang on, I’ll be right there.

Meaning: To wait (for someone)

12. Hold out

Example Sentence: She held out her hand for a handshake.

Meaning: To offer; to extend (something)

13. Hold up

Example Sentence: The robbers held up the bank.

Meaning: To delay or prevent (someone or something) from moving or progressing

14. Keep on

Example Sentence: Keep on working hard and you’ll succeed.

Meaning: To continue (doing something)

15. Keep up

Example Sentence: It’s hard to keep up with her.

Meaning: To maintain the same speed or level; to not fall behind 

16. Let down

Example Sentence: He was really let down by his friends.

Meaning: To disappoint; to cause someone to have a lower opinion 

17. Look after

Example Sentence: Who is going to look after the baby?

Meaning: To take care of (someone or something)

18. Look for

Example Sentence: I’m looking for my keys.

Meaning: To search for (something)

19. Look in

Example Sentence: Could you look in the closet and see if my coat is there?

Meaning: To search (a place) carefully for something

20. Look into

Example Sentence: I’m going to look into buying a new car.

Meaning: To investigate or research (something)

-Phrasal Verb: Look out

Example Sentence: Look out! There’s a car coming.

Meaning: To be careful; to beware 

21. Look up

Example Sentence: I looked up the word in a dictionary.

Meaning: To search for and find (information)

22. Make out

Example Sentence: They made out in the backseat of the car. 

Meaning: To kiss and caress passionately

23. Make up

Example Sentence: We made up after we had a huge argument.

Meaning: To become friends again; to forgive and forget

24. Mean for

Example Sentence: What do you mean for me?

Meaning: What is your intention?; what are you trying to do?

25. Pass out

Example Sentence: He passed out after drinking too much.

Meaning: To faint; to lose consciousness

26. Put off

Example Sentence: I don’t want to put off my vacation any longer.

Meaning: To postpone; to delay

27. Put on

Example Sentence: He put on a brave face for his little sister.

Meaning: To wear (clothing)

28. Read up on

Example Sentence: She read up on the company before her interview.

Meaning: To research (something) thoroughly

29. Run into

Example Sentence: I ran into an old friend at the grocery store.

Meaning: To meet (someone) unexpectedly

30. Run out of

Example Sentence: We’ve run out of cheese blocks. Can you go to the nearest shop and purchase some cheese blocks?

Meaning: To use up all of (something)

31. Set off

Example Sentence: A fire alarm set off and everyone had to evacuate.

Meaning: To cause (something) to happen; to activate

32. Show up

Example Sentence: She showed up to the party an hour late.

Meaning: To arrive; to appear

33. Sit down

Example Sentence: Let’s sit down and discuss this calmly.

Meaning: To take a seat; to lower oneself into a sitting position

34. Stand up

Example Sentence: He stood up and hugged her.

Meaning: To rise to a standing position; to get out of bed

35. Take after

Example Sentence: She takes after her mother.

Meaning: To resemble (a parent or ancestor) in appearance, character, or behaviour

36. Take back

Example Sentence: I take back what I said about her.

Meaning: To retract; to withdraw

37. Take off

Example Sentence: My flight from London to Delhi will take off in an hour.

Meaning: To leave; to depart

38. Take on

Example Sentence: He’s taken on a lot of new responsibilities.

Meaning: To accept (something) willingly; to agree to do or be something

39. Talk over

Example Sentence: Let’s talk this over before we make a decision.

Meaning: To discuss (something) together to make a decision

40. Talk through

Example Sentence: We talked the problem through and found a solution.

Meaning: To discuss (something) thoroughly; to find a solution

41. Thank for

Example Sentence: I want to thank you for all your help.

Meaning: To express gratitude for (something)

42. Think about

Example Sentence: I’ve been thinking about quitting my job.

Meaning: To consider; to ponder

43. Think of

Example Sentence: I can’t think of anything else to say.

Meaning: To consider; to ponder

44. Throw out

Example Sentence: He threw out the old newspapers.

Meaning: To discard (something)

45. Turn in

Example Sentence: I turned in my project two days ago.

Meaning: To submit (something) for evaluation or review

46. Wake up

Example Sentence: He woke up at seven o’clock.

Meaning: To become conscious; to awaken from sleep

47. Work out

Example Sentence: I’ve been working out every day for the past month.

Meaning: To exercise; to strain or struggle

48. Write down

Example Sentence: Write down my phone number in case you forget it.

Meaning: To record (something) in writing

48. Look up

Example Sentence: I looked up the definition of “apathy” in the dictionary.

Meaning: To search (for something)

49. Look into

Example Sentence: The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

Meaning: To investigate (something)

50. Cheer up

Example Sentence: Cheer up! It’s not that bad.

Meaning: To become happier or more cheerful

51. Calm down

Example Sentence: I know you’re upset, but try to calm down.

Meaning: To become less excited or agitated; to relax

52. Chill out

Example Sentence: Let’s just chill out for a while and watch TV.

Meaning: To relax; to calm down

53. Dress up

Example Sentence: I’m going to dress up for the party.

Meaning: To put on formal clothes; to wear a costume

54. Fill out

Example Sentence: Please fill out this form and return it to me.

Meaning: To complete (a form or questionnaire) by providing the required information

55. Hang out

Example Sentence: I’m going to hang out with my friends tonight.

Meaning: To spend time in a relaxed way; to socialize

56. Hang up

Example Sentence: Please hang up and try your call again.

Meaning: To end a phone call; to disconnect

57. Pick up

Example Sentence: I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock.

Meaning: To go to get (someone); to collect (something)

58. Put up

Example Sentence: I’m going to put up a poster in my room.

Meaning: To erect; to install

59. Rip off

Example Sentence: He ripped off the price tag.

Meaning: To remove (something) quickly or forcefully; to steal

60. Rule out

Example Sentence: We can rule out the possibility of a mistake.

Meaning: To eliminate (something) as a possibility

61. Sell out

Example Sentence: The tickets for the concert sold out within an hour.

Meaning: To sell all of (something)

62. Shape up

Example Sentence: If you don’t shape up, you’re going to fail the class.

Meaning: To improve; to reform

63. Show up

Example Sentence: I hope he shows up for the meeting.

Meaning: To arrive; to appear

64. Slow down

Example Sentence: You’re driving too fast. Please slow down.

Meaning: To drive or move more slowly; to decrease the speed of (something)

65. Speed up

Example Sentence: Please speed up. We’re already getting late for Neha’s wedding.

Meaning: To drive or move more quickly; to increase the speed of (something)

66. Stand up

Example Sentence: Stand up and hug me.

Meaning: To rise to one’s feet

67. Take off

Example Sentence: I’m going to take off my coat.

Meaning: To remove (something) from one’s body; to leave (a place)

68. Talk over

Example Sentence: Let’s talk over the plan one more time.

Meaning: To discuss (something) fully; to consider (something) carefully

69. Tear apart

Example Sentence: He tore the paper apart.

Meaning: To damage or destroy (something) by tearing it into pieces

70. Try out

Example Sentence: I’m going to try out for the soccer team.

Meaning: To test (something) to see if it works or is suitable

71. Turn off

Example Sentence: Please turn off the light before you leave the room.

Meaning: To stop the flow of (something); to cause (something) to no longer function

72. Turn on

Example Sentence: Can you turn on the light, please?

Meaning: To start (something) so that it begins to function; to cause (something) to become active

73. Wake up

Example Sentence: I always wake up early on the weekends.

Meaning: To stop sleeping and become conscious

74. Warm up

Example Sentence: Let’s warm up before we start running.

Meaning: To (cause something to) become less cold; to (cause someone to) feel less cold 

75. Wear out

Example Sentence: I’ve worn out my shoes. I need to buy a new pair.

Meaning: To use (something) so much that it becomes damaged or no longer functions 

76. Break down

Example Sentence: My car broke down on the way to home.

Meaning: To stop working; to malfunction

77. Bring about

Example Sentence: His death brought about a change in the company.

Meaning: To cause (something) to happen; to produce (a result)

78. Come about

Example Sentence: How did your meeting come about?

Meaning: To happen; to occur

79. Do away with

Example Sentence: We need to do away with this old system.

Meaning: To get rid of (something); to eliminate (something)

80. Fill in

Example Sentence: Can you fill in for me while I’m on vacation?

Meaning: To substitute for someone; to take the place of someone

81. Get along

Example Sentence: I get along well with my co-workers.

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone

82. Get at

Example Sentence: What are you trying to get at?

Meaning: To suggest or hint (something); to try to communicate (something) indirectly

83. Get away

Example Sentence: We’re going to get away for the weekend.

Meaning: To leave (a place) in order to have a vacation or a break

84. Get back

Example Sentence: I’ll get back to you about that.

Meaning: To reply to someone; to call someone back

85. Get by

Example Sentence: I’m just getting by on my salary.

Meaning: To manage to live or survive on a limited income

86. Get in

Example Sentence: I’m going to get in the shower.

Meaning: To enter (a place); to arrive

87. Get off

Example Sentence: I’m getting off at the next stop.

Meaning: To leave (a place)

88. Get on

Example Sentence: I’m getting on the bus now.

Meaning: To board or get onto (something) 

89. Get out

Example Sentence: Can you get out of the way, please?

Meaning: To leave (a place)

90. Get over

Example Sentence: I need to get over my fear of flying.

Meaning: To recover from (an illness, an emotion, etc.); to move past

91. Get through

Example Sentence: I can’t get through to her.

Meaning: To succeed in contacting (someone) by telephone; to reach (someone)

92. Give away

Example Sentence: She’s going to give away her dog.

Meaning: To donate (something) to a charity or someone in need; to hand out (something) free of charge

93. Go about

Example Sentence: What are you going about?

Meaning: To do or deal with (something); to approach (something)

94. Grow up

Example Sentence: He’s never going to grow up.

Meaning: To mature; to become an adult

95. Hang on

Example Sentence: Hang on a minute.

Meaning: To wait; to be patient

96. Hand in

Example Sentence: I’m going to hand in my paper tomorrow.

Meaning: To turn in (something) for a grade or evaluation

97. Hang out

Example Sentence: Let’s hang out this weekend.

Meaning: To spend time (usually casually) with someone

98. Have against

Example Sentence: I have nothing against her.

Meaning: To dislike or be prejudiced against someone

99. Hold off 

Example Sentence: Could you hold off your decision until next week?

Meaning: To dealy 

100. Head off

Example Sentence: I’m going to head off for lunch.

Meaning: To leave in order to prevent something from happening; to go ahead of someone in order to prepare the way 

101. Hold on 

Example Sentence: Hold on, I’ll check in my logbook.

Meaning: Wait a short time 


I hope you found this 100 most common phrasal verbs list helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

If you want to speak advanced English, you must try using phrasal verbs in your day-to-day English conversations. 

Phrasal verbs make your English sound natural and stylish! So start using them today! 

You can read more articles that will improve your English when you read and put your learnings into practice.

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