15 Best Ways To Improve Your English Language Skills

” If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

When we learn our native language, first we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally we write. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the four basic components of good communication.

To achieve these four basics you need to surround yourselves with English.

Make English part of your life at home, at work, or during your free time.

Read on to find the tips that will help you to improve your English Language Skills : 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice makes a man perfect.

Fortunately, with the possibility of the internet, it’s easier than ever to practice.

Keep practicing the four basics viz. listening, speaking, reading and writing to enhance your language skills.

2. Communicate

Communication is the heart of the language learning process.

One needs to communicate in English with everyone. You can talk with your classmates, colleagues, friends or anyone who knows English speaking well.

Pronunciation and Speaking are a bit more difficult to practice if you don’t have a native speaker to talk with but they are not impossible to improve, so we are here to assist you, guide you, motivate you and make your learning easier and fun.

3. Work Hard and Dedicate

Give yourself some dedication, be realistic in your approach and work hard to achieve your goal of learning and improving your English language.

Unfortunately, “The Matrix” is just a fantasy, and there’s no computer program, secret potion or magical brain pill that can help you learn English instantly.

It will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Watch and listen to movies and programmes in English. Practice daily, learn idioms, phrases and use them in your sentences. There are a lot of e-books available on the internet, you can go, search and read them. 

Make learning your passion and work towards it.

4. Use TED Talks and Podcasts

Use TED talks and Podcasts to listen to English daily.

Turn on the subtitles if you think it’s necessary and listen as much as you can. This will enhance your listening skills and will boost your self-confidence level.

5. Try Debating

Try to debate with everyone, no matter what the topic is!

This will improve your speaking skills, making you a good speaker. It will build a good confidence level and you will be able to speak fearlessly no matter where you are.

6. Find Your Motivation

Like any goal, learning a language is always easier and more fun if you have a reason to do so.

Find what motivated you to start with this. Built a strong motive and see everything will seem much easier. For example: You want to develop your personality to influence people or you want to apply for any job, just keep in mind a reason that forced you to learn this.

7. Read English Newspapers Daily

Newspapers are a huge source of information and can play an important role in improving your language learning skills.

Focus on the keywords, format, text, sentences, idioms, phrases and the grammar used in the newspaper. Read it aloud. Try writing the editorial pages in your own words, try to frame words and sentences. Some of the best newspapers you can opt for are The Hindu, The Times Of India, or the Hindu Editorial.

8. Right Attitude

Having the right attitude towards everything can work wonders.

Stay positive, believe yourself, keep on improving, keep trying and learning, stay focused. The right attitude can make the difference between failures and success. Failures are the stepping stone towards success.

Never feel low but work hard and move towards your goal. Have patience.

9. Technology

Technology is your friend, so use it.

Fortunately, with the possibility of the internet, it’s easier than ever to practice and search for the best learning materials. Try to use technology to your advantage.

Download audios and videos depicting English Learning. Find and execute different ways and means towards achieving your motive.

10. Keep A Diary In English

Learn to write and express your ideas in English.

Your brain needs to learn to “think” in English, not your native language.

Train your mind. Keep a diary with you and write anything you want to express in it, in English.

You can write about “how was your day today”, “what made you feel happier” or “what was bad about today” or anything that you want to write. Express and write as much as you can in English.

11. Talk and Record Yourself

This is one of the best ways of self-improvement.

Pick any random topic, think, format 9-10 lines on it, prepare yourself, set the camera and start recording the video.

Express everything you have in your mind, choose correct words and sentences and use proper body language while speaking.

yourself for about 5-10 minutes. Once you finish recording, play it and listen to your speech. Find out the places you need to work upon and improve it. This will give you a feel-good sensation and will motivate you.

12. Join Voiced Chats and Video Calls

Participate in voiced chats and video calls.

Try involving yourself with like-minded peoples and participate in voiced chats and video calls. Execute in English. This is will improve your quality of speaking and listening.

13. Speak, Speak, Speak!

Speak as much as you can in English. 

15 Best Ways to Improve English Language Skill

Speak, don’t be a dumb. To enhance your skills speaking is all the more important.

You should always speak, no matter if you are grammatically wrong or shy, start putting your point of views.

Work on yourself in private and expose in public.

14. Learn A New Word Everyday

Learn Word For The Day. 


Join a proper course which provides all the additional small accessories (e-books, word for the day, speech platform, blogs, articles, reviews) to make you learn better.


You can also search and make your own “words for the day.” No matter whatever the way you opt to learn a new word daily and try framing a sentence with examples using it.

15. Be True To Yourself

Never lie to yourself. 

Be faithful and true to yourself. Believe in yourself, never keep the work to do it later, think and execute. Trust yourself, talk to yourself and prepare yourself a day before about what you are going to do the next day.

Follow a healthy, good and fun-loving routine. Dedicate yourself towards learning.

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6 thoughts on “15 Best Ways To Improve Your English Language Skills”

  1. Hi there sir,
    I Durgesh, I am trying and I will try as per your tips. Now a days English is very important every where. I don’t have partner to speak to improve specking and also writing. I liked your tips and course I am to join your course


  2. All the ways are really helpful for us.
    Really thankful for your help and guidance. These can help us a lot towards our goal if we follow it regularly. Really appreciable.


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