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The #1 Skill That Everyone Should Have On this Planet 
(First Time Ever) The Quick & Easy Way to Learn Effective English Communication 
A 1000% Practical Online Program to Improving Your Social Intelligence, Presentation, Persuasion and Public Speaking 
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  • Develop self-confidence and Influence people by your English Communication skills

  • You can build a GREAT relationship with people only when you know the art of communication

  • Avoid conflicts & Get what you want from life by learning how to communicate with people effectively
  • The words you usually say help you, or maybe Hold You Back from achieving Massive Success?

  • Better communication helps you to overcome tiny problems effortlessly in your day-to-day life

  • Create a GREAT Personality by improving your Communication skills & English speaking skills at the same time

No need to pay Rs. 3997 for this course. 

We want you to learn and grow. Grab this offer right now. 

The regular price is Rs. 4000

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Genius Speakers
Let’s accept it:

We need to communicate in order to Represent us,

We need to communicate to Get audience Attention,

We need communication to Inspire,

We need communication to Sell,

We need great communication to get people to Get Action.

Effective communication helps you to become the best version of yourself. Later I’ll explain YOU how Communication impacts your life? 

Moreover, you can enjoy more freedom in your life, more money, more time you can spend with your loved ones by LEARNING how to communicate effectively.  

Communication plays a significant role in your life and every single person's life on this Earth. 

Yet average people don’t value the Power of effective communication. 

You might be thinking, I know how to communicate? 

And that’s true you know how to communicate? 

However, you don’t know how to talk effectively so that you can get what you want in your life. 

You know we all human beings are connected with each other. Directly or indirectly your outcome (what you desire) is related to other people.  

Understand this, your 80% success will be determined by your communication skills. 

Imagine this, wherever you go whether it’s a JOB Interview or any high profile business meeting or for that matter any place. 

What’s the first thing you do? 

You talk with people, that's the first thing everyone does. 

When you speak your first word that creates your first impression. 

Here’s the truth: you cannot create the first impression twice. If you have trained yourself to speak beautiful words and phrases people would notice you.  

People would like to listen to YOU, 

People would like to talk to YOU,

People would like to do networking with YOU.

Do you know why? 

Because you stand out from the crowd. 

See everyone uses the same words to just explain things, but when you speak, because you’ve trained yourself and you’ve equipped yourself with beautiful sentences, words and stylish phrases. 

That would help you to stand out from the crowd.

You’ll automatically sine at your workplace, in your personal life or for that matter whatever place you visit. 

Let me tell you communication is a learnable skill. If you have the right ‘Guidance’ you can learn how to communicate effectively. 

And don’t you think Effective Communication is something everyone should learn in their life? 

In reality, Communication is the base of our life. 

You can transfer good Communication & Effective English speaking skills to your kids. 

So that your kids don’t need to work harder to learn communication skills or take extra classes of communication & Spoken English.    

When you master the art of Effective Communication & English speaking skills, you’ll be able to connect with more peoples in your professional life as well as personal life. 

And everyone wants to do networking with good people who know more than you. So that you can grow in your life exponentially. 

“Your network is your net worth

If you have a Network of good and successful people you will start becoming the best person of yourself automatically. 

And all these things possible when you commit to improve YOUR Communication Skills and English Communication skills. 

You want to master both of the things Communication & 
English Speaking skills
at the same time? 

Now pay attention to this, You have two options: 

1. Go on the Internet and find unlimited and unorganized knowledge and spend 100s of hours reading and watching YouTube videos, but still, your Communication & English Speaking skills are NOT improving. 

2. This one is a shortcut to achieve what you want. You’ll get the 3-Step formula to becoming a Master Communicator. 

If you choose the ‘Second option’ you can read further, I want Action takers. Only action takers achieve Massive Success in their life & what they want. 

If you choose the option first then you don’t need to read further you may leave this page. 

(First time ever) Introducing Genius Speakers 60-Day Communication 

An only place where you can find a combination of three things: 

  1. Communication skills 

  2. Motivation 

  3. English Speaking Skills

You’re going to receive three things in one place. 

Communication & English speaking is a different thing. You need to master both of the things separately. 

However, the first time in India, you have the flexibility to learn both of the things in the same program. 

Nobody is going to teach you both of the things because your teacher doesn’t hold expertise in both of the things. 

If you understand English but when you try to speak in English you struggle a lot. Then you Must enrol in this program. 

This Online Program is the blend of two things: 

Communication & English speaking. 

You’re going to LEARN both of the things in one Online Program that will turn into a GREAT Speaker!   

From: Abhishek Gupta (15+ Years of experience in Teaching, Motivation, Life Coaching and speaking) 

To: Aspiring Genius Speakers (YOU) 

After coaching to 10000 students and professionals in my offline workshop, I realized that Your Communication is the single most important faction in your LIFE success. 

I want to ask you a question…

Are you ready to take charge of your life & take your LIFE to the new heights with the HELP of your Effective Communication & English Speaking SKILLS? 

I don’t need to say that English Speaking Skills and communication skills are the must-have things and most basic things you need to have if YOU have BIG Dreams to achieve. 

I am proud to invite you in my 
60-Day Genius Speakers 
India’s most comprehensive course on English speaking & learning communication. 
Genius Speakers A Self Paced Online Program That Will Help You Learn The Art Of Effective English Speaking & Influence Anyone With Your Effective Communication. 
Let's Dig Deeper And Check What You Are Going To Learn inside The Program
Note: Genius Speakers Program is going to be a 60-Day Program and as you know it's India's most comprehensive “Online Program” on Communication & English Speaking. 
Fundamentals of Communication 
1.1. How to Start Speaking in English from level Zero? 

1.2. How to deliver a speech?

1.3. The entire format of any speech. How it should be made. 

1.4. How to give impromptu speeches? 

1.5. Learn Amazing Presentation skills 

1.6. Learn Powerful Email writing skills 

1.7. How to think in English? 

1.8. 1000% Practical strategies to become Fluent in English 

1.9. Constructive method to prepare content instantly for your Presentation & Speeches 

1.10. How to seek help in English? 

Modern ways of

1.1. Thanking others at the workplace

1.2. Meeting others 

1.3. Apologies 

1.4. Expressing Opinions

Here's what my student says about 60-Day Genius Speakers Program
Practical exercises to beef up a daily conversation

1.1. Ways of developing Conversation in English

1.2. Right Pronunciation of 100's of official words 

1.3. Polite language at the workplace 

1.4. Do's and Don'ts of giving an Effective Presentation

Telephone Etiquette 

1.1. How to pick up and greet 

1.2. Hold 

1.3. Interrupt 

1.4. End 

1.5. Positive phrases you use while talking to someone over the phone call 

How to overcome Nervousness of Public Speaking 

1.1. How to gain instant Confidence 

1.2. Formal Body Language at the workplace 

Essential Grammar you must Know

1.1. Useful Idioms and Phrases   

1.2. Words of Etiquette 

1.3. Sentence Formation 

1.4. Copyrighted Grammar concepts you’re going to LEARN

Extra Benefits 
Practical Practice sessions  

2.1. Speeches 

2.2. Group Discussion 

2.3. Debates 

2.4. Many Communication Activities

Private Facebook Group

2.1. 1 speech per day 

2.2. Connect with each other 

2.3. Healthy competition 

2.4. Motivate and get motivated

Personal Online school 

2.1. Personal Id and password 

2.2. Lifetime access 

2.3. Cloud storage of your personal notes 

2.4. All in one place. Access at your own pace

Weekly Team Challenges and Prizes 

2.1. Live classes for extreme Productivity

Habit Building  

2.1. Stress Management 

2.2. Happiness 

2.3. Time Management 

2.4. Peer Pressure 

2.5. Success 

2.6. Relationships 

2.7. Many More 

Format of the session  

3.1. Daily Motivation

3.2. Daily Meditation 

3.3. Reading Exercises 

3.4. Listening Exercises 

3.5. Watch & Learn 

One Movie every week 

4.1. Daily Speeches on Members only Facebook Group 

4.2. New speech topics are posted every day for 60 DAY CHALLENGE

Question & Answer Live Session

5.1 The Q&A LIVE session will happen on ZOOM video conferencing Platform.

Meet Your Instructor Abhishek Gupta 
Hi, I am Abhishek Gupta, a trainer, a speaker and a life coach. I have been training professionals and students for the last 15+ years. And I have trained more than 10,000 Professionals & Students in my offline workshops. 
My Mission is to Turn 1 Million people from an ordinary communicator to a Genius Speaker. 

No need to pay Rs. 3997 for this course. 

We want you to learn and grow. Grab this offer right now. 

The regular price is Rs. 4000

Prices Increase in
Here are the benefits you’re going to drive by learning the skill of Effective English Communication
  • Start Speaking in English from day one, even if you don’t speak it fluenty

  • How to give a mind-blowing presentation

  • How to use different words and phrases that other people can understand yet it should be unique.

  • This is a self-paced Online Program which you can access from your Mobile phone & PC

  • No need to go to any English Training institute

  • You are learning from expert

  • Telephone etiquette

  • You’re not only learning English speaking skills, but you’ll also learn effective communication skills along with a motivation session every single day.

No need to pay Rs. 3997 for this course. 

We want you to learn and grow. Grab this offer right now. 

The regular price is Rs. 4000

Prices Increase in

Picture right now, how would it feel when you’re able to Speak Fluent English and when you combine good English speaking skills with Effective communication?

Your presentation and talk would be magical. 

Imagine with the help of your “Effective communication’ you can influence people, you will have extra time, extra energy and more money. 

All these things you’re going to feel when you take action now and start improving yourself. 

Just take action, and I’ll see you inside the Program. 

To your success

Abhishek Gupta 

No need to pay Rs. 3997 for this course. 

We want you to learn and grow. Grab this offer right now. 

The regular price is Rs. 4000

Prices Increase in
Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Who can join this program? 
Anyone can join this program, whether you are a student, professional, or business owner. If you want to hone your communication skills & spoken English, then you must join this 50-Day Communication Masterclass.  
Q  Can I speak English after joining this Program? 
Yes, you can start speaking in English from Day one. There are many people who have started speaking in English and they post videos in our Premium Facebook group every single day. 
Q  What is the duration of this Program? 
The duration of this Program is 60 Days. Every day you’ll receive one video lesson. It's the most comprehensive course on Communication & English speaking in India. 
Q Who is your trainer? 

I am Abhishek Gupta and I have trained 10000+ students and professionals in my offline workshops. Currently, I live in the USA. 

Now, I want to spread my knowledge & wisdom to Millions of people. That’s why I came online. 

Q Why should I join this Program? 

Communication plays an important role in your life. If you have good communication you can get a better job, you can talk to anyone in English (if the other person knows English), you can explain your thoughts and ideas in a better way. You can travel the world. 

Don’t you think English is essential? This Program would turn you from an ordinary person into a great communicator.

Get Genius Speakers at ₹3997 Lifetime Access! 
Enrol in JUST Rs. 2,997 of a one-time fee and lifetime access!

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