WHEN: 25th September

Time: 7:30 PM

Communication and Public Speaking Masterclass

In this 2-hour online workshop, you will receive power frameworks to master the art of effective communication skills.


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What will you learn?

Benefit No. 1

The exponential growth of your Public Speaking skills

3 Mantras to achieve anything in life.

Benefit No. 2

Communication tips.

Benefit No. 3

Benefit No. 4

How to be a better Public speaker?

Why you should learn Public Speaking & Communication skills?

Benefit No. 5

How to do practice efficiently for becoming a Better Communicator?

Benefit No. 6

Webinar speaker


Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for himself in the world of self-help and public speaking.

His accolades are a testament to the incredible life skills he helped people master.

The lack of mentorship that hampers growth is why he started with online mentorship to mentor businesses & individuals worldwide for their faster growth. A certified Hypnotherapist & an NLP Master Practitioner.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta has graced several organizations as a guest speaker, featured in live shows on national TV channels, worked with many celebrity trainers and has trained numerous professionals till date.

His mentees include professionals from all industries like doctors, professors, managers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, actors, and many more.

He was awarded as the Best Life and Business coach in the year 2017 and as the Best Corporate Trainer in 2012. He is on a mission to transform 1 million people this year.

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You are not going to learn from an ordinary Life coach. Your coach is credible enough to teach YOU communication & Public Speaking. Once you REGISTER you see what other attendees say about the Masterclass.

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