Online Courses by Mr. Abhishek Gupta

The 60-Day Communication Skills Course

This is an 8-week online training that shows you how to: 

Communicate effectively

Deliver office presentation like a pro

Learn 100+ new vocabulary in a few minutes

Speak publicly

Write effective emails

Learn essential grammar

Talk on the call in English

Speak Business English

60 Days Communication Skills Course




Beginner To Advanced

Genius Masterclass

This is our basic training for those who understand English but are struggling with speaking. 

Inside Genius masterclass, you’ll discover 7 proven frameworks:

How to start speaking English from level-zero?

How to think in English?

How to start speaking broken English?

Proven Frameworks to train your Mind and Tongue to speak in English

How to develop conversations to enhance your English Speaking Style & become a better communicator.

How to form sentences in mind?

Commentary exercise to improve spoken English.




Beginner To Intermediate

10X Productivity

This is an online course that teaches you how to manage your time and do more in less time.

You will discover 5 secrets that will transform you into a highly productive person!

How to boost your Productivity to 50x in almost No time?

How to achieve More Effortlessly in Less Time?

How to adopt Micro Productivity?

How to Make Your Mind and Life peaceful?

How to cut down Multitasking effortlessly?




Beginner To Intermediate

Toxic Mental Habits

The Toxic Mental Habits course will help you in eliminating bad habits and build positive habits quickly. Get all the guidance, support and motivation to eliminate the bad habits. 

What You’ll Get When You Join Today? 

Step-by-step video training

7 Proven frameworks to eliminate bad habits

Why do you need to flush Toxic habit

Deep meditation

Motivation session

A private Facebook community

Toxic Mental Habits




Beginner To Intermediate

Abhishek’s Inner Circle

When you join Abhishek’s Inner Circle, you’ll get: 

365 value-packed HD videos to gain complete mastery over your communication skills and life.

Exclusive Whatsapp group for Abhishek’s Inner Circle members.

You'll get lifetime access to Abhishek’s Inner circle HD videos.

52 LIVE Masterclass. You will get to attend 1 LIVE masterclass every single week.

You'll get 30-minutes Mediation session, weekly.

You'll get a FREE productivity course every month. In the productivity course, you can expect the Law of Attraction, Happiness, Time management, Stress management, Parenting, Leadership, etc.

Dedicated premium Facebook group for Abhishk’s Inner Circle VIP Members.

Communication Skills sessions & presentation skills training.

30 Days Challenges for Rapid Growth - Post 2 daily speeches, complete a given task and win exciting prizes.

You can deliver sessions like me over Zoom!

You can give access to your member’s area to your kids and spouse.

You’ll have the ecosystem for holistic growth!




Intermediate To Advanced