Achieve Mastery over English Speaking Skills Without Spending 3-4 Years.
Become A Super Fluent English Speaker Just by Spending 30 Minutes A Day With Me! 

Dear reader, 

Attaining mastery in any language can take years. Think about when a baby is born, how much time does that baby take to achieve fluency in their native language? 

Around 10-12 years to thoroughly learn a language. 

So I want to ask you a question, how can you expect to become a fluent English speaker in just 30 days or less? 

I know, there are so many things you already have learnt throughout the years of education. 

So let’s assume that it would take half of the time to master a language like English as you already know many things. 


That means, still you have to spend 5-6 years to master the English language. 

But, do you have 5-6 years to learn a language? 

Probably your answer would be NO. I mean who else wants to spend 5-6 years learning a language (English) by completing their studies. 

Very few people, right!

Pay attention to this. 

What if I tell you, you can achieve mastery over spoken English in just 12 months by spending 30 minutes a day. 

Sounds exciting? 

Let’s face it - You do not need to spend 5-6 years to master the English language, nor you need to go to any Spoken English Institute.

Sounds unbelievable? 

Let me show you How All These Would Turn into Reality Like Magic. 

Before we proceed, you’ve to promise me that you would take “Action” because I can show you the right path and you have to walk on that path. 

Be an action taker! 


Yes, cool!

Presenting 365 Days Abhishek’s Inner Circle,
The Only Program You Need To Achieve Mastery Over
Your Spoken English & Communication Skills. 

You might be thinking.

What is 365 Days Abhishek’s Inner Circle?

How Abhishek’s’ Inner Circle can benefit you? 

Here's a short answer. 

Abhishek Inner circle is a 365 days program where you get one pre-recorded high-quality video every single day for 365 days. 

On average, each video is 30-45 minutes long, which you can easily consume in two parts if you have time constraints. 

Abhishek’s Inner circle will provide you with complete mastery over your communication skills & life. 

Imagine you have become good at communication skills, but if your relationship is not right, then you cannot live a happy life. 

To live a life that you deserve, you are required to work upon every area of your life. 

A combination of health, wealth & relationship. 

Inside Abhishek’s Inner Circle, my focus will be on communication skills, apart from that I’ll give you proven tips that you can apply in any area of your life to make it better.

In summary: 

365 Days Abhishek’s Inner Circle is more than communication. If you decide to enrol in Abhishek's Inner Circle, you will get to know about every aspect of life. 

Life is a combination of multiple things, not just one thing. 

So to become good at multiple things, you have to educate yourself in the first place. That will help you to deal with life’s any problem effortlessly. 

If you spend 365 days consistently and practice whatever I teach after 365 days, you will thank me. 

Exclusive Benefits for Abhishek’s Inner Circle VIP members: 
  • 365 value-packed HD videos to gain complete mastery over your communication skills and life.

  • Exclusive Whatsapp group for Abhishek’s Inner Circle members.

  • You'll get lifetime access to Abhishek’s Inner circle HD videos.

  • 52 LIVE Masterclass. You will get to attend 1 LIVE masterclass every single week.

  • You'll get 30-minutes Mediation session, weekly.

  • 5 eBooks every month from the best authors on this planet.

  • You'll get a FREE productivity course every month. In the productivity course, you can expect the Law of Attraction, Happiness, Time management, Stress management, Parenting, Leadership, etc.

  • Dedicated premium Facebook group for Abhishk’s Inner Circle VIP Members.

  • Communication Skills sessions & presentation skills training.

  • 30 Days Challenges for Rapid Growth - Post 2 daily speeches, complete a given task and win exciting prizes.

  • You can deliver sessions like me over Zoom!

  • You can give access to your member’s area to your kids and spouse.

  • You’ll have the ecosystem for holistic growth!
Listen to this,

Life is not pre-planned; whether you want to design your life consciously or unconsciously; it’s totally up to you. 

You see, successful people design their life consciously by making wise decisions.

Successful people know what they are doing and where they are going. 

Unsuccessful, on the other hand, don’t know what their purpose in life is and how to direct their life for a beautiful present, future & past. 

You can improve your life by developing skills. Without any skills, you cannot sustain yourself & your family in this modern era. You have to learn and grow yourself in every aspect uniformly. 

Learning communication is just a starting point of your massive success. There is so much to learn and do. You just need to be curious to explore unlimited possibilities of life. 

If you are at this point, I am sure you want to grow in life.
You want to learn a new skill, and you want to have holistic growth for your better present, future and past. Most importantly, for your loved one’s.
Who is this meant for 
In the end, I’d say Sharpen Your
and Sharpen Your Future! 
You get the idea.
I want you to understand this; your life can be changed only when you are ready to take massive action.
If you do not want to do the same dull 9-5 job for the sake of money. Then you have to learn new skill sets.

If you have skills, you’ll never struggle to make money. The problem is people don’t focus on learning new skills; people focus on chasing Money. 

You can become a Money Magnet (that attracts money) by learning a profitable skill set. 

I am super excited to say that Communication is a profitable skill and foundational skill. 

Without good communication, you can’t achieve massive success in life. You know people judge you by just seeing your style of speaking. 

You can become an influential person by developing communication skills. 

What are you waiting for? 

I know this is something which can add value to your life and helps you to become the most advanced version of yourself.

All these things will cost you at least ₹50,000 

But, For a limited period.

You can Enroll in Abhishek’s Inner Circle at 10,000


It won’t cost you ₹30,000
Not even  ₹25,000
Just  ₹10,000
(You’ll be saving 50% of the original cost)
14 Days Fail-Proof
 Money Back Guarantee. 
If you implement all the things that I'll teach you and if you don't get results, I'll refund your money. 
Picture right now, how would it feel when you can speak English fluently without any fear by joining Abhishek’s Inner Circle.

The number of people you can influence by your communication skills is unlimited.

You can crack business deals/ interview effortlessly just by learning how to communicate effectively with confidence.

There are numerous benefits to having good communication skills.

Having said that, skills will earn money for you. You can get your investment back in a few months if you commit to using your skills wisely. At this time, you might be thinking  ₹12,000 is a high amount for me.

In reality, ₹12,000 is not an immense amount. If you have a learning mindset. This ₹12,000 you are not spending on materialistic things. You’re using ₹12,000 for improving yourself.

Here is a significant difference between a successful person and unsuccessful.
"Successful people spend their time & money on improving themselves.
Unsuccessful people spend their time & money on materialistic things"
Mega Bonuses
Bonus #1
52 live classes of 3hrs each (150+ hours of content)
Bonus #2
Weekly deep meditation
Bonus #3
Premium VIP Facebook group
Bonus #4
50 printable life changing posters
Bonus #5
50+ printable info
Bonus #6
50+ ebooks of best seller ebooks
  • What’s Abhishek’s Inner Circle? 

    It’s an advanced program for those who have completed the 60 Days Genius Speakers Program. 

    Abhishek’s Inner Circle Program is for advanced learners. Those who are looking to gain complete mastery over English Communication Skills.

  • How’s the Course Delivered? 

    After successful payment you will receive the login credentials on your given email address by using that you can login inside the member’s area. Inside the member’s area, you can access all the video training. The course is delivered online, that means you can consume the course from anywhere in the world. 

  • What’s the duration of Abhishek’s Inner Circle? 

    You’ll get the lifetime access to course material at a one-time fee. No recurring fee. On top of that, you will get one video every day for 365 days. 

  • Will joining Abhishek’s Inner Circle help me to gain mastery over my communication skills?

    Yes, definitely. But, you need to implement/practice what you’ve learned to get the results. 

  • Do I get certified?

    Yes. You’ll get a certificate once you complete Abhishek's Inner Circle.
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