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Welcome to the Genius Speakers course!
Video #1
In this video you'll LEARN:
  • How to proceed after enrolling into the course?
  • How to access the course?
  • Video length 21 minutes. 
You might be thinking why do I need to watch the videos?
Answer: Watch this onboarding video to understand about the course system and your own online education portal.
Video #2
In this video you'll LEARN:
  • How & where can you make online notes?
  • How can you download course recourses and pdf files?
  • Video length 7 minutes. 
Note: Watch the full video and still if you have any doubts, feel free to mail us at
Our average response time is 12-24 hours please be patient!
Video #3
In this video you'll LEARN:
  • How to access our Facebook group?
  • What are the features of our Private Facebook Group?
  • How to find topic for speech daily and other relevant topics?
  • Video length 23 minutes. 
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