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Effortlessly deal with negative people

Become good at public speaking (even if you fear it)

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Feel more confident while speaking in English

Conduct excellent business meetings

Improve your professional and personal reputation

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Conduct excellent business meetings

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₹6,000 ₹3500

Lifetime access

60 modules

80+ hours of training

3 Months of LIVE Classes

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Downloadable Resources

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Smart eBooks

Get Access to Learn and Watch Exercises


Lifetime access

60 modules

80+ hours of training

3 Months of LIVE Classes

Get Personlised Feedback

Signed Certificate

Downloadable Resources

Instant Access

Community Access

Smart eBooks

Get Access to Learn and Watch Exercises

Ever wonder why some people aren't able to speak in English with fluency?

Dear Reader,

Even though these people understand English properly.

Have you ever experienced this scenario:

You understand what the other person is saying in English?

You watch a lot of English movies or you watch videos in English or you read articles in English. All this is easy for you.

You're here; that gives me an idea you understand English but struggling to speak English fluently.

But, when you start speaking in English, you fumble and you cannot speak fluently.

The words don't come, you cannot form sentences, and you don't know how to think in English.

You try to translate every word before speaking in English.

Is that your problem? Yes, then you are not alone.

Don't worry I have a solution for the problem you’re facing in your life.

After going through our 60-Day Communication Skills Programme, you will be able to speak in English with confidence.

You’ll have so many stylish words and phrases and I promise you, you’ll be a different person after going through this Program.

But, I want to ask another question before we move ahead. What are the things you have already tried, to overcome your fear of speaking in English?

Have you watched a lot of videos on YouTube & Google?

Have you read a lot of articles & eBooks or attended inefficient spoken English classes?

Have you listened to English Songs & watched English movies?

Have you read boring Grammar books?

I hope you have tried one or two things, but did you get a complete transformation?

After teaching to more than 20000 working professionals and students, I realized that reading and watching English books and videos are not enough for you to be a fluent English speaker.

Pay attention to this, if you already know how to speak English Fluently then you won’t be here.

Here’s the truth, Whatever knowledge you consume from the internet, that’s correct.

But is it 100% complete?

The answer is no, therefore most of the people are never able to speak in English even though they understand English properly.

Why does it happen, that most people are not able to speak in English especially they are aware that they understand English.

The reason why it happens is because those people are relying on YouTube & Google for Learning English.

See, YouTube & Google can give you 10%, 20% and 30% results. Because the person that teaches you, you don’t know whether that person is a credible person or not for teaching English?

Therefore, I created an incredible 60 Days Communication Skills Online Programme that would help YOU to speak English with confidence.

It’s a self-paced programme curated keeping your needs so that you can excel in your professional life and personal life too.

Let’s find out what you’ll learn in this programme....

Module 1: Fundamentals of Communication

Module 2: Modern ways of

Module 3: Practical exercises to beef up a daily conversation

Module 4: Telephone Etiquette

  • How to Start Speaking in English from level Zero?
  • How to deliver a speech?
  • The entire format of any speech. Complete framework.
  • How to give impromptu speeches?
  • Learn Amazing Presentation skills Learn Powerful Email writing skills
  • How to think in English?
  • 1000% Practical strategies to become Fluent in English
  • Constructive method to prepare content instantly for your Presentation & Speeches
  • Upgrade your Spoken Skills through Business English
  • Thanking others at the workplace
  • Meeting others
  • Meaningful Apologies
  • Expressing Opinions
  • How to seek help in English?
  • Ways of developing Conversation in English
  • Right Pronunciation of 1000's of official words
  • Polite language at the workplace
  • Do's and Don'ts of giving an Effective Presentation
  • How to Start Speaking in English Fast & Daily Conversation Tips & Mistakes
  • How to pick up and greet
  • Hold
  • Interrupt
  • End
  • Positive phrases you use while talking to someone over the phone call

Module 5: How to overcome Nervousness of Public Speaking

Module 6: Essential Grammar you must Know

  • How to gain instant Confidence
  • Formal Body Language at the workplace
  • Business English
  • How to achieve Magnetic personality?
  • Fail-proof methods of starting any presentation.
  • Useful Idioms and Phrases
  • Words of Etiquette
  • Sentence Formation
  • Copyrighted Grammar concepts you’re going to LEARN
  • Tenses Simplified. (6 dedicated sessions)
  • World's best method to understand the use of Articles. (A or an)

Have a look at what participants have said....

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I have more content for you. But before that,

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Why this course is so special

Key Benefits

Powerful video lessons

Learn at your own pace

Super affordable pricing plans

Anyone can learn with us

Unlimited access

Lifetime access to all the video lessons

Weekly LIVE session with Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Clear your doubts LIVE

Faster growth

Learn multiple skills in a single course

The duration of this course is more than 80 hours.

In-depth video training

A like-minded community

A dedicated FB group for practice, coaching, motivation and support.

Get personalised feedback on your speeches by our experts.

We'll correct your mistakes

Know Your Instructor

Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for himself in the world of self-help and public speaking.

His accolades are a testament to the incredible life skills he helped people master.

The lack of mentorship that hampers growth is why he started with online mentorship to mentor businesses & individuals worldwide for their faster growth. A certified Hypnotherapist & an NLP Master Practitioner.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta has graced several organizations as a guest speaker, featured in live shows on national TV channels, worked with many celebrity trainers and has trained numerous professionals till date.

His mentees include professionals from all industries like doctors, professors, managers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, actors, and many more.

He was awarded as the Best Life and Business coach in the year 2017 and as the Best Corporate Trainer in 2012. He is on a mission to transform 1 million people this year.

As Seen On

I Learn From the World's Best Authors, Speakers and Trainers

Don't you think if I invest on my learning then only I can give back to my nation and YOU. I hope you are familiar with these celebrity! If you're not then you can Google them.

When you learn from someone who is as great as Shri Gaur Gopal Das, You will carry along a chunk of his Wisdom.

I believe in learning from the best in the world and have done several courses of beloved Sadhguru Ji including the famous Inner engineering program.

Am I qualified enough to teach you English & communication? Yes, great.

Receiving the Award of best life & business coach from the veteran Actor Shekhar Suman

Received the Best corporate trainer award by Mr. Shashi Tharoor- a politician, writer and a former international diplomat.

This programme has everything you need to master the world's most useful skills, which are communication and public speaking skills.

The more skills you add to your bucket, the better your life will be.

This pandemic has shown, if you're not upgrading yourself, you'll be left behind.

  • You might lose your job,
  • Your peace of mind might be threatened.
  • You might face anxiety or depression.

Before these things come closer to you, prepare yourself for survival.

Make yourself ready for any situation by stacking skills.

Learn 2 to 3 skills to secure your job. If you want to do a business, learn multiple skills.

The biggest benefit about a skill: you can transfer that skill to anyone once you have mastered a skill. It can be your kids or if you want to create an impact on this world.

Learning new skills has become a common norm.

  • You don't need to step-out from your home to learn English speaking
  • Learn from the comfort of your home.
  • You will learn from an expert more than 15 years of experience in communication, Public speaking.
  • 1000% practical tips to overcome your fear of speaking in English.
  • After going through massive 60-Day "Communication Skills" online program you don't need to watch any videos of English Speaking.
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • You can speak effective English from day one by practising our proven frameworks.
  • Learn business English Professional email writing skills
  • Weekly LIVE session
  • And a lot more

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and give yourself a gift, a chance to learn new things.

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Lifetime Course Access

(Lifetime updates & community support)

₹6,000 ₹3500

Lifetime access

60 modules

80+ hours of training

3 Months of LIVE Classes

Get Personlised Feedback

Signed Certificate

Downloadable Resources

Instant Access

Community Access

Smart eBooks

Get Access to Learn and Watch Exercises


Lifetime access

60 modules

80+ hours of training

3 Months of LIVE Classes

Get Personlised Feedback

Signed Certificate

Downloadable Resources

Instant Access

Community Access

Smart eBooks

Get Access to Learn and Watch Exercises

The way we spend our time defines who we are - Jonathan Estrin

Why Do You Need To Take Action Now?

  • This is a limited time offer that can expire anytime, plus extra BONUS you’re getting
  • The world is moving fast, and if you do not upgrade your skills, you will be left behind.
  • Do not delay your success; learn quickly, achieve more and rinse and repeat.
  • Feel more satisfied with your life once you have acquired new skills
  • Once you learn the skill, you can teach the same skill to other people and impact this world.
  • 60 Powerful Video Lessons
  • Learn Essential Grammar
  • Learn 100+ vocabulary in a few minutes.
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Email Writing Skills
  • Public Speaking Powerful tips
  • Business English to excel in your career
  • Course completion certificate
  • Weekly LIVE session on Sunday at 7:00 AM
  • A beautiful Facebook community for practice
  • Daily Meditation & Motivation session
  • Telephonic Conversation Tips
  • Effective Body Language Tips
  • And a lot more.

In summary, what will you get in this course?

I want to Enrol Right NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I have a demo before enrolling in this course?

A - Yes, we can give you a demo. All you need is to fill in the details here, and on the next page, you can watch the demo.

Q - Modes of Delivery?

A - Yes, it will be useful for you. As you might have already seen what other working professionals are saying about this course

Q - Will it be useful for me?

A - We have a members area. There, our videos are uploaded. On successful payment, you will receive a password and members area login URL. Our course is on the cloud so that you can watch it anytime and anywhere—no need to download any app or videos.

Q - How can I enrol in this course?

Q - I can learn communication from YouTube and Google. Why do I need to pay for it?

A - It is easy to enrol for the training. You can pay us through debit/card, Internet Banking, UPI, Paytm, PhonePe or any other wallets. Payment receipt will be sent to the given email address. Kindly enter the correct email address.

A - Anyone who wishes to improve their communication and public speaking skills can enrol in this course.

A - If you can learn it from Google and YouTube, then why are you not successful? You see, all successful people have a mentor or coach. So to be successful, you need to have a mentor. On YouTube and Google, there are just too many distractions.

There are millions of people who watch YouTube videos but very few succeed. On YouTube, you do not get any support; here, you will get all the coaching, support, motivation and a like-minded community for massive self-growth with this course.

Q - I have paid but have not received any course access email?

Q -What if I do not buy this course?

Q - I have additional questions; where shall I ask?

Q - Will I get to attend any LIVE session?

Q - Will I get lifetime access to this course?

Q - Can I buy this course later?

A - Yes. You will get lifetime access. We do not like to limit our participants' learning.

A - Yes, you can buy. But here is a thing, we are not sure till when we will be able to give this course at such an affordable price. The price might increase in the future. So it’s better to take this course right now, as our offer is going on.

A - Yes, on weekends, we conduct a LIVE session. There you can interact with other participants and me across India. You will have networking opportunities as well.

A - Please check your spam or promotion tab. There should be an email that contains the password and members area login URL. If you do not find that email, kindly send us an email at along with your registered phone number. Our usual response time is 12 to 24 hours; please be patient till that time.

A - You can WhatsApp us, and our team will reply. Here is the WhatsApp link.

A - Nothing will happen, you will continue to stay where you were until you take action. Communication is the most important skill that everyone needs to learn no matter what your profession, age, gender and religion.

Ask a simple question from yourself, Am I satisfied with my life?

If the answer is YES, then do nothing. But your answer is NO then start working on your communication skills and public speaking skills.

No excuses. Successful people take responsibility for themselves. They do not blame the government, people and systems. They hone their skills, they invest time, energy and money upon their self-growth.

Q - Who can enrol in this course?

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