5 Best Ways To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

In today’s world, where communication skill is the pillar of one’s personality, from perceiving education to cracking a job interview and working for progress, public speaking is one of the most important building blocks of this pillar.

Public speaking is an act of delivering speeches and giving presentations effectively before a group of listeners for various purposes such as education, entertainment, business, etc.

But when asked, most of the people will probably say that they cannot speak in front of a large audience.

People who might be extremely good at one to one communication might not be able to communicate properly when it comes to addressing the same information to a crowd.

They may be afraid of it or be an introvert. Because of this, they try to avoid occasions where they have to speak publicly, which is not a feasible solution every time.

If you’re one of those people who avoid public speaking, then here are 5 best tips which will help you to conquer your fear of public speaking!

Tip 1: Get rid of mental pressures

Often people get too nervous before delivering a speech and that leads to a not good performance.

Therefore one needs to relax him/herself and get rid of the anxiety and mental pressures that bring in the fear of speaking before the audience. 

mental stress

The main outcome of relaxing yourself should be normalizing your heart rate, concentration on breathing and focus on the content, not the fear of delivering it.

There are many ways to do so:

  • Taking deep breaths: Often people tend to feel fastened heartbeats and slight shivering or trembling of their body when they get nervous. One might also experience tightened muscles as well. Taking deep breaths lets the oxygen flow throughout and relaxes the body. 
  • Smile: Smiling increases endorphins, which helps in reducing anxiety and makes you feel better. Smiling also shows that you are confident enough and that you feel pleasure in interacting with the crowd.
  • Drink Water: Anxiety can lead to a dry mouth, making you look tired and exhausted. Just drink water and make yourself comfortable with the situation.

Tip 2: Focus on communicating not performing

Your focus while delivering the content should be communicating your ideas as effectively as possible and not thinking about how the audience will judge you because the sole purpose of speaking in front of the crowd is to let your idea reach each and every person listening to it in an efficient manner. 

And thinking about your performance or the judgement of others might distract you and even lower your confidence.

It will affect your speech/presentation further in many negative ways.

So, just stick to the content you tend to deliver and focus on expressing the ideas effectively.

Tip 3: Experience is the biggest teacher

Your skill of public speaking will enhance as much as your experiences will increase.

You need to seek more and more opportunities to speak in front of crowds.

As the number of experiences increase, you will slowly notice a sense of confidence rising in yourself. 

Analyse the pros and cons every time you are done with a speaking session.

Try to learn something after seeking every such opportunity. This will help you to improve with every performance. 

Tip 4: Prepare for it

Preparing for the speech/presentation beforehand helps a lot to reduce stress and improve the quality of delivering ideas.

Being prepared is knowing what you want to speak and how you want to speak it. 


If time permits, you can even try rehearsing your lines in front of a mirror, so that you are least worried about how you look while speaking.

You will also be assured of not forgetting your lines or missing the direction of speech.

This will help you to be more confident and stable in mind.

Tip 5: Positive Visualization

Thinking negatively of oneself will always make the task of improving the public speaking ability, an impossible one!

It does not mean that you should get over-confident or think of something that is just not close to reality or meaningless. 


If you think that you are not a good public speaker, you can change it to be a positive statement by saying that you can be one if you try.

Be practical, accept yourself as a learner, neither too good nor too bad and trust yourself.

You cannot become a great public speaker overnight, but if you fear to initiate, it would be impossible to become one ever!


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