5 Simple Tips to Learn English Effectively

Do you find yourself struggling to learn English despite spending hours with Wren and Martin? Do you still feel like you can’t speak English fluently? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! 

Learning English is similar to driving a car; you only learn by ACTUALLY doing it.

Try to immerse yourself in all things English- read books, talk to people, watch English shows, listen to podcasts, ENJOY the learning process, and you will reach your destination in no time!

Read on to learn about five simple and effective ways to learn and improve your English skills.

Tip #1 – Practice Everyday

Neurons that fire together, wire together.

If you study English all day today and then stay aloof for the following week, it won’t help. Your brain is likely to consider whatever you’ve studied unimportant and flush it out. The key to avoiding this is to keep repeating what you’ve learned, speak it out loud and use it in your daily discourse. 

Commit 30 minutes of your schedule and find something new to learn daily. For example:

  • Read the daily newspaper headlines or subscribe to a magazine of your choice.
  • Download any “word of the day” app and try to use the new word at least once during the day (and keep repeating!)
  • You can make it a habit to listen to English podcasts while traveling or exercising, or even while cooking food.
  • Pick a book that you like and try to read it for 10 minutes before your bedtime. This small effort, if done consistently, can go a long way in helping you improve your English!


Learning begins with listening

You never know whether you’re pronouncing a word correctly simply by reading it. Listening more helps you grasp the nuances of the English language as well as its pronunciation.

  • Listen actively. Try listening to English podcasts, songs or the daily radio, and see how much you understand. 
  • Your next favorite movie is just a click away- explore new movies and TV shows and watch them with subtitles. Try to speak a new word out loud, note it down somewhere, and revisit it later. This will not only help you remember the word but also know its correct pronunciation.
  • Try to retain what you’ve heard by summarising it in simple words. 


While listening is a critical skill that will help you learn English, it is essential to put whatever you’ve heard to practical use too. A perfect blend of reading, writing, listening, and speaking will put you way ahead on your path. How will you achieve this?

  • By talking to a lot of people. Converse with people, talk to strangers in English and leave NO opportunity to hone your skills.
  • If you’re worried about sentence formation or pronunciation, try recording yourself and then look for errors. Now that you’re aware, you’ll be conscious enough to reduce that mistake the next time you speak.
  • How can you use “beautiful” as an adverb? That’s right- beautifully. When you encounter an unusual word, try to think of all the different forms you can use it in.
  • Try to guess the meaning of words by the context of the sentence. For example, “She was perplexed about whether to choose Arts or Science for her career.”

In this sentence, you might have guessed that the word perplexed has something to do with being confused or worried. See? Try not to rush for the dictionary and figure out the meaning of words from their context while reading.

  • Send emails to your friends and family, keep a daily journal to vent your heart out, read aloud, write a blog, make flashcards- do anything that helps you immerse yourself in the world of English.


It is tough to learn something if it’s not fun. Decide what works best for you and do just that!

  • If you can’t sit at a place for long and study, try listening to podcasts while you’re riding to work or walking.
  • If books seem dull to you, watch a movie or TV show in English! Thanks to the internet, we have various topics to choose from- all just a click away. Binge your favorite English rom-com or thriller, and remember to listen carefully for new words and phrases. 
  • If solitary learning does not work for you, talk to your friends and family in English. A conversation in English is your ultimate test- the more you speak, the better you will become.
  • Blend English with something you love- if you’re fond of cooking, watch MasterChef in English instead of your native language; if you like studying history, read more books on that in English.


There is no end to learning a language. If you feel like leaving the process mid-way because it is too complicated or because you’re making many mistakes, don’t give up just yet. Be curious; look for English wherever you go.

Read menus, billboards, nutritional facts at the back of your chips packet- ANYTHING that you can get your hands on. Be confident and practice regularly; you will be sure to master English in no time!

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